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Reliable Bin RFID Tags

Bin Deliveries is the most important, yet most prone to human error day-to-day process managed by Waste Management wheelie bin collection companies. Our state-of-the-art Mobile App developed to completely automate that task will help to speed up the bin delivery process, thanks to live 4G data delivery to customer’s Bin Management System. Our durable scanner with user friendly and multilingual User Interface will simplify Bin Delivery task and eliminate human errors.

Our RFID Tags are FULLY COMPATIBLE with all leading Bin ID and Bin Weighing systems including BINWEIGH 03 by VPG, AMCS, MOBA, Precia Molen, Terberg


Bin management

Quickly create and maintain Bin Yard stock of all Wheelie Bin containers by scanning RFID tags of the same bin size and product one after another. Simply choose YARD BINS option on hand scanner device and start scanning RFID tags inserted into the wheelie bins with both Bin Size and Bin Product defaulted to predefined settings in our App. You can change Default Bin Size and Default Bin Product with no hassle.

why our app?

Saving the time and simplifying Bin Delivery process will quckly return the investment in this solution.

crew training

We provide personal training of your bin delivery crew, to get them familiar with all possibilities of the hand scanner and how to maximize the use of it.

remote software support

We can remotely dial in to your scanner to help you resolve any software issues.


Practical User Interface

We have devoted a lot of attention to give the bin delivery crew the highest possible flexibility, on how they want to use the Bin Scanner. They can use the touch screen or actual buttons to complete bin delivery tasks.


User Experience For All

User can predefine common fields, like Bin Size or Bin Product, that will be filled for him automatically, saving time on repetitive tasks. Also he can rearrange the way, that he collects the information about the bins.


Thanks to Cloud connectivity over GSM network, Bin Scanners send all information instantly to customer’s server and being processed by local bin management system live. Scanners don’t need to be brought back to the office, to be downloaded and processed. Multiple crews can be using the scanners simultaneously doing bin deliveries and bin removals at the same time. Our scanner works independently of the Bin ID system, that is installed on customer’s bin trucks.
It can save RFID Tags in many different formats including BinWeigh, AMCS, MOBA and Precia Molen.
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Constant Exchange of scan data between device and cloud server.


Scanner records GPS coordinates during bin delivery.


We can add any translation possible. User can easily change the language of the app in the SETTINGS menu.


Scan all bins in your yard with ease, to create and maintain up-to-date stock of all bins available for deliveries.


Each scanner holds a full week of all scanner operations done by the user, so he can review his work if needed.


System will deliver full activity report with all bin scans details to a designated office staff for delivery reconciliation.

How it works

Bin Scanner is equipped with RFID Reader capable of scanning RFID Tags. Also, it is equipped in Barcode scanner to read Bin ID Labels, that identify who the bin belongs to (householder). Scanner allows you to use the icons on the screen, but also the actual “SCAN” buttons on the scanner, which is a more preferred option due to the harsh environment, that the scanner is used. User then chooses Bin Size and Bin Product and saves the information to the database.

user login

Login quickly with INITIALS and PIN

Each employee, that is using the scanner has to Login to the App every day, so the Office staff can tell who was scanning what bins, which is very useful feature in bigger companies, where many scanners are used everyday during bin deliveries. You need to login only once a day. Scanner will remember you even if you switch off the BinScanner App.

bin locator

Need to locate unknown bin on the street

Many times it happens, that the bin delivery crew approaches the bin with no Bin ID labels and nobody knows who it actually belongs to. BIN LOCATOR module will allow you to find out all useful information about that bin, including what account it belongs to, when it was last lifted in order to establish the owner of the "unknown" bin.


Quickly replace the bin for the customer

Bins do break and they need to be replaced. Bin Replacement requires broken bin to be removed from the customer's account and new bin to be delivered to the customer. We have combined those 2 tasks into 1 easy and intuitive operation. Again, it is all about saving the time :)

Scanner & APP SPECS

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Device parameters
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 4G LTE GSM Data connectivity
  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • LF RFID 125kHz/134.2kHz
  • Other RFID Freq.available upon request
  • Acquiring GPS Coordinates
Battery Life
  • 12+ hours battery life
  • USB Charging cable provided
  • Charging Cradle provided
  • Additional batteries available
Main App Features
  • Bin Delivery Module
  • Bin Replacement Module
  • Bin Removal Module
  • Bin Locator Module
  • Simple User Login
Remote Support
  • Remote Support to resolve issues on the devices
  • Build in bug reporting features
Auto Email Reports
  • Reporting Unallocated Bin Scans
  • Daily Bin Scanners Activity Emails
  • Weekly Bin Scanners Activity Emails
App Personalization
  • Multilingual App
  • New Languages can be added upon request
  • Define your own DEFAULT Bin Size
  • Define your own DEFAULT Bin Product
  • Individual User scanning activity log

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